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Greencastle Coffee Roasters
164 East Baltimore Street
Greencastle PA 17225
I-81 Exit 5, West 6 Blocks
717-597-1900 or Toll Free: 1-877-597-1900

Open 7 Days Per Week
Monday - Thursday 9AM - 6PM
Friday 9AM - 7PM
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Greencastle Coffee Roasters

...is a unique establishment that provides its patrons with a variety of traditional quality items. We believe that simplicity is the essence of intelligence; and since we are an individual establishment, we are able to keep things simple and authentic. We achieve this standard of quality by using only the methods which have withstood the test of time.
Greencastle Coffee Roasters Ships Coffee To Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Other Asian Countries, Europe, & APO/FPO Addresses!

"Traditionally Roasted Coffees From The Four Corners of The Earth"

Whether you like your coffee black and strong or sweet and light you can count on us to provide you with the finest & freshest.

We roast all coffees in our Victorian Era antique "Royal" coffee roasters on an "as needed" basis. Our Victorian roasters date from the late 1800's - from an era when 'fresh' meant newly made: when absolute craftsmanship and individual pride were tradition. We preserve this tradition by bringing you fresh roasted coffees in the spirit of that era.

Choose from over 200 coffees of every description imaginable and then browse our own creations and flavor combinations beyond the average coffee experience.

African Estate Coffees are intense, full-bodied coffees that reflect the strength and spirit of Africa's high mountains and abundantly rich soils. Although they differ slightly among regions, they tend to have a natural sweetness and complexity synonymous with African coffee.

South & Central America produce and export more coffee than any other continent in the world. The Arabicas tend to be balanced in acidity with a mellow body and an excellent, smooth flavor. South American Coffees are a popular choice for blending, yet also make a very nice & smooth drinking cup of coffee when not roasted too dark.

Asia produces some of the world's most unusual, intrigueing and highly exotic coffees. The most outstanding examples have an aromatic spiciness, strong flavor and fullbody, yet are typically low in acidity.Coffee Purists will be interested in our fine Estate Coffees from every part of the world where the bean is grown.Those seeking adventure in coffee drinking will also be pleased; we carry a uniquely vast selection of Blended Coffees, Rare Coffees, French Roasted Coffees, and Flavored Coffees.

Decaf drinkers and those wishing to convert will find bliss in our large selection of Decaffeinated Coffees including fine Estates, French Roasts, plus more than sixty Flavored varieties and of course our exclusive blends. At Greencastle Coffee Roasters, our Decaf coffees possess such impressive flavor and body that your tste buds will not even suspect that it's Decaf!
150 Loose Leaf and Bagged Teas

Tea can relax you and pick you up at the same time! If Tea time is your time than we have the tea for you! We offer a selection of fine, loose teas from all around the world. Here, you will find exotic leaves from India, China, and Sri Lanka; popular English teas like Earl Grey and English Breakfast Blend; herbal teas from Brazil and South Africa; and wonderfully aromatic green teas such as Jasmine Tea. We also carry hard to find teas like Jasmine Wheels and Pai Mu Tan (White Tea).

Southeast Asian Foods & Cooking Ingredients

It's always something! With us it's taste. Asian Food is some of the tastiest food on the planet. We have a great selection of foods/spices/ingredients to make it easy for you to prepare a Thai, Indonesian, or Malaysian dish at home.

Greencastle Coffee Roasters has cooking ingredients from Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Asia is home to a huge diversity of culures, peoples & foods. We can never replicate the ambience....tastes, colors, smells and sounds of the outdoor Asian Markets. Malaysia, probably the most culturally diverse country in Asia, with influence from Indonesia, Thailand, China, the Philippines, & many native tribes, is the area from which we gather most of our expertise. In fact, we have many Asian cookbooks & recipes written in English that were printed in Malaysia or nearby Singapore. Copies are available in-store.

We greatly encourage you to make a personal visit to Greencastle Coffee Roasters!


In the Asian foods section, a perplexed Charles Rake ponders the 'left-handed' chopsticks, obviously a set-up by his assistants, from left, Kumiko Suzuki, Clare Ah Moi Lee and Jennifer Minteer



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  This Assi Brand short grain black rice has a nutty flavor & texture and turns purple after cooking.

Black Rice - 4 lb Bag

Cooking Instructions:

1 - Presoak the rice for a half a day

2 - Rinse and wash

3 - Using 1 cup of rice to 4 cups of water, bring the saucepan to a boil and then lower the heat and simmer gently for 45-50 minutes

***You may add a little more water if you feel the rice is too dry

Black rice can be used as an interesting, new side dish or in rice puddings!

Available in store only
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 Other Items from Entire Asian Store

  Wasabi Grapenuts - 1 lb Bag - A peanut inside a wasabi shell
  Wasabi Grapenuts - 1/2 lb Bag  - Peanuts inside a wasabi shell
  Yaki Sushi Nori - 40 Sheets - Assi Brand Nori for making sushi
  Wasabi Paste (Kabuto Brand) - 1.5 oz - Kabuto Brand - 1.5 oz Tube ready to serve with sushi
  Wasabi Powder - 1 lb Bag - Kabuto Brand extra hot Japanese wasabi powder for sushi
  Wasabi Powder - 1/4 lb Bag - Kabuto Brand extra hot Japanese wasabi powder for sushi
  Pickled Ginger - 12 oz - Hana Brand sushi ginger - $4.50
  Tempura Flour Batter Mix - 10 oz - Hana Brand
  Panko Japanese Bread Crumbs - 14 oz - Hana Brand (14 oz)
  Tamarind Pulp - Orchid Brand Singapore 100g
  Stone Mortar & Pestle (Large) - $18.00 - 


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